FWOC - For Women Of Colour was launched in 2015. Being second generation in the UK, organisation director - Leonia felt there was a need for a new platform that allowed Black British girls and women of her generation to interact and share their experiences away from their computer screens.

She found that places such as clinics offered treatment, but very rarely gave after care or the opportunity for young girls to discuss things they are unsure about in regards to sex and relationships. These same young women were unable to speak to their families and their friends knew just as little as they did. From this, she then created a blog where she discussed such issues and noticed there was a demand for the information she was providing

She later realised that there were a number of a taboos within the black community that were often dismissed such as mental health issues, whilst an alarming number of young women and men suffered in silence. From this, she chose to create a platform that allowed Black British women to express their hopes and fears free from judgement, and ensured they would receive guidance and reassurance they need to move forward and help others. 

Additionally, the vast majority of content posted online in regards to black women focuses solely on the plights and stories of African American women. For years, Black British women have experienced black femalehood through an African American lens and we want to change that. We love our African American sisters and will continue to support and empathise with them, however FWOC is here to unite Black British women and tell their story the way we want it to be heard.