Just as the greatest living performer of our time said "I dream it, I work hard, I grind 'til I own it"  - Beyonce. Right now I love what I'm seeing from my young women of colour. It seems as though now a days we're all working hard to achieve our dreams.

There are so many black owned businesses created by women! *twirlssss*. To be honest it's amazing to see people have an idea and bring it to life. Whether it be hair and makeup businesses, catering businesses, singers, actors, script writers and the list goes on.

Taking that step forward to turn your life around will always be something you'll never regret. You've always got to strive for greatness hunty *flicks hair*. Even if you're not quite where you want to be, you know what you do? You PLAN, PLAN, PLAN some more. And you speak nothing but positivity into that plan. You know what they say 'speak things into existence' and yes that's great but it's even more great once you've put ACTION into it.

I didn't know how powerful that statement was until I started to do it myself. This time last year I knew I wanted to be a presenter but I was just saying what I wanted to do rather than putting ACTION into it. So one day I thought of a question that I would ask in my street interviews, spoke to a friend that’s great with cameras, filmed in Oxford Street, London and by the end of that day I had my first video on YouTube.

Now that was a big deal for me because I had confidence issues. Not being confident or insecure can actually hold us back from doing things that should have happened a long time ago. We sometimes hide in our corners and just expect things to happen when realistically it doesn't work like that. Some of the greats probably weren't as confident when they put out their first single or first film but it's about taking risks. In whatever you love to do risk taking will have to be involved. You might put out a project that's good in your eyes, but you're thinking "what will everyone else think?". More time if you've put you're all into it people will respect it. However, don't live your life thinking solely about what people will think. TO HELL WITH THEM, DO YOU BOO LOL.

But seriously, Rome wasn't built in a day, we all have to start somewhere to get where we want to be. As cheesy as it may sound, these little steps you take today will determine your tomorrow.

Another thing is networking! Being friendly comes with that too. Don't even dare follow the stereotype of black women especially, with "attitudes". Because that will not get you anywhere. Networking is a fantastic way to meet new people and exchange ideas. Knowing people from different types of industries has always been an important thing for me. It's not as if you're using them, in fact you're helping each other get to the top. Promoting their business and vise versa etc. All you have to do is be a friendly, approachable and respectful person because let's face it, we all need favours at one point in our lives so networking is key, word to DJ Khaled.


So my women of colour, I'll leave you with this. Keep striving to be the best version of you. Chase after your dreams. Be rich in happiness and prosperity and aim to make that MONEY!

- Isha Kamara'